IX International conference «Innovation processes in agriculture»

IX International conference «Innovation processes in agriculture»

L'événement passé
27 - 29 Apr 2017
Au sujet de l'événement

27-29 April, Agrarian and Technological Institute hosts IX International conference «Innovation processes in agriculture» together with the Faculty of Agriculture, forestry and natural resources of Aristotle University (Thessaloniki, Greece).


Participants will discuss research and practical experience in the field of agriculture: animal sciences, plants sciences, landscape design and urban ecology, geo-space technologies, distant probing and land monitoring, agroeconomics and risk management. RUDN is also planning to broaden international academic and research ties.



Working languages: Russian and English.


Where: RUDN Agrarian and Technological Institute, 8/2, Miklukho-Maklaya Str.

Contact: Anvar Gadzhikurbanov


Tel. +7-962-932-37-33

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